Elder Jeffery Thomas has been chosen for full time service to the body of Christ as an anointed five-fold ministry gift and, by the grace of God is able to move in any area as He directs. He has been given a unique anointing to lead and insight worship among the saints. Provoking powerful worship experiences in God's presence.

Elder Thomas has 16 years of ministry experience!!! He is an anointed preacher, teacher, facilitator, seminar coordinator, workshop leader, chorale Director and singer.

Elder Thomas is currently the Founder and Senior Pastor of Rehoboth Family Worship Center, Hickory, N.C.; where he feeds the flock, loves the sheep, and covers the saints. Presently the youngest pastor in his city, the Spirit of Christ has awarded the ministry with much growth and favor. He is also a partner with the Dominion Alliance of Pentecostal Church, under the Spiritual Parentage of Bishop & Overseer Darrin Johnson. Pastor Thomas serves the Alliance as Adjutant General, National Evangelist, and President of the Youth Department.

Elder Jeffery M. Thomas has a heart for ministry and that of a worshipper. He believes that when we worship God with our whole hearts He will reveal who He is to us and who we are to Him. In other words visitation will result in manifestation and revelation concerning the power that lives in us.

16 Years of Ministry Experience

1997 Pastor Thomas announced his call to the gospel ministry at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church Vale, NC; his home church.

1998 Pastor Thomas began preaching as an Evangelist and received his first evangelistic assignment and license at Lovely Holy Temple PA Church, Inc. in Lincolnton, under the leadership of Pastor Barbara A. Russell.

2002 Ordained an Elder in the Lord's Church, Norfolk, VA

2004 Confirmed Elder and commissioned as a local pastor, Shelby NC

2005 Rehoboth Family Worship Center was born, Lincolnton, NC

2006 Rehoboth Opened Second Location, Gastonia, NC

2008 Commissioned Adjutant General, National Evangelist, and National Youth President of the Dominion Alliance of Pentecostal Churches, Inc. Norfolk, VA

2009 Rehoboth Family Worship Centers merged and relocated to current location in Hickory, NC

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